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My name is Thomas C. Phillips II. I was born in Louisville, ​Kentucky, and grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. I ​graduated from Towson State University in 1997. I ​worked in TV news for two years before deciding to go ​into Sales. I tried selling home theater equipment, gym ​memberships, and more. Finally, in 2004 I discovered ​the wonderful world of mortgage financing, which was it ​for me! Aside from God and family, there is nothing more ​satisfying for me than helping my clients to achieve the ​American dream of home ownership by helping them to ​obtain the best loan for their situation.

When providing a mortgage for your home, my goal is to ​identify your needs and offer a mortgage solution that ​meets your specific requirements with a seamless, ​transparent, and stress-free process. I always tell my ​clients that finding a good loan officer is like finding a ​good mechanic to fix your car.

Once you find that person you trust will look out for your ​best interests and not their own pockets, you should ​stick with them. My goal is to earn your business by ​earning your trust. I want to be your mortgage consultant ​for life. I will help you purchase a home and refinance at ​the right time, and I will help you use mortgage products ​to increase your cash flow and build generational wealth.

So, if you are looking for a stable and dependable ​company to facilitate your home financing or just an ​honest, hardworking person to find the right loan for your ​unique circumstances, Thomas C. Phillips II of Client ​Direct Mortgage should be your first choice!

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Tell me your goals, and I'll find the perfect loan product--I specialize in getting it done when other lenders claim it wasn't possible. ​Here are a couple of my latest loan programs, but guaranteed, I have a product that will help you achieve your financial goals.

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